05.The Lost Tapes

This is kinda an old one I made about 5 years ago. It's mainly library and soundtrack funk.
Inspired by the mixtapes of Kon&Amir, MrJeigh, DJ Greentea, and others.


Intro - MOke
American Gypsy - Inside out
Michel Colombier - Pourquoi Pas?
Doug Lucas - One for you
Gunter Fisher-Quintett - Kombination
Janne Schaffer - Vilda
Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain
Jonathon - Li Song
John Williams - Dawn of the dead
Brian Bennett - Voyages
Denis Fanon - South bound
Duncan Lamont - Punch drunk
Eddy Driver - Black night
Preston James - Double Shuffle
Bullet - Road Runner
Henry Salomon Orch. - 3 days of the condor
Ferrante & Teicher - The best is yet to come
John Dankworth - Return to the ashes
Lew Howard - Hula Rock
'Ghost dog section'
Roy Budd - No co-operation
drum time
Marc Moulin - Tohobohu
R Carmichael - Switchblade theme
exercise breaks
Daly Wilson - Baretta
Roy Budd
Corn Bread OST
George Benson - Serbian Blue
Spagetti Head - Funky axe
Denis Fanon - Snowmobile
Ray Davies - Kiss of blood
some breaks
Russ Savakus - Boss Boogaloo
Jea-Claude Petit - Psychedelic Portrait
P Milray - The bouncer
Eddie Warner - Getting high
Nino Nardini - Frantique
B Ebbinghouse - mister carefree
Eddie Warner - Night Fight

(done from memory so please forgive any mistakes or missed tracks)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for choosing Fufu Stew.

Welcome to the land of blog, mon frer. I will certainly blogroll ya.
I'm downloading this one now. Looks like a good one and I'll be sure to keep up with the feed...
Best of luck to you and happy motoring...

Peace and blesings.

Casserole said...

I really like this so far.

Wilhelmina said...

Great work.

Marc.Dos said...

Go here to d/l the mix.


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