05.The Lost Tapes

This is kinda an old one I made about 5 years ago. It's mainly library and soundtrack funk.
Inspired by the mixtapes of Kon&Amir, MrJeigh, DJ Greentea, and others.


Intro - MOke
American Gypsy - Inside out
Michel Colombier - Pourquoi Pas?
Doug Lucas - One for you
Gunter Fisher-Quintett - Kombination
Janne Schaffer - Vilda
Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain
Jonathon - Li Song
John Williams - Dawn of the dead
Brian Bennett - Voyages
Denis Fanon - South bound
Duncan Lamont - Punch drunk
Eddy Driver - Black night
Preston James - Double Shuffle
Bullet - Road Runner
Henry Salomon Orch. - 3 days of the condor
Ferrante & Teicher - The best is yet to come
John Dankworth - Return to the ashes
Lew Howard - Hula Rock
'Ghost dog section'
Roy Budd - No co-operation
drum time
Marc Moulin - Tohobohu
R Carmichael - Switchblade theme
exercise breaks
Daly Wilson - Baretta
Roy Budd
Corn Bread OST
George Benson - Serbian Blue
Spagetti Head - Funky axe
Denis Fanon - Snowmobile
Ray Davies - Kiss of blood
some breaks
Russ Savakus - Boss Boogaloo
Jea-Claude Petit - Psychedelic Portrait
P Milray - The bouncer
Eddie Warner - Getting high
Nino Nardini - Frantique
B Ebbinghouse - mister carefree
Eddie Warner - Night Fight

(done from memory so please forgive any mistakes or missed tracks)


The Soul Chef said...

Thank you for choosing Fufu Stew.

Welcome to the land of blog, mon frer. I will certainly blogroll ya.
I'm downloading this one now. Looks like a good one and I'll be sure to keep up with the feed...
Best of luck to you and happy motoring...

Peace and blesings.

Casserole said...

I really like this so far.

Wilhelmina said...

Great work.

Marc.Dos said...

Go here to d/l the mix.


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